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OpenGL Geometric Primitives

The purpose of this interactive program is to make it easier to learn OpenGL Geometric Primitives. There are ten geometric primitives in OpenGL, from a point to a polygon, and all are represented by vertices. This program will give you the flexibility to add and remove vertices in a certain order, and shows you how the choice of the primitive determines how the vertices are to be combined. It can be used in the following ways:

  • Learn OpenGL Geometric Primitives through
    • Interactive Program
    • Source Code
    • Documentation
  • Learn some OpenGL functions designed to work with geometric primitives
  • Draw primitives manually and generate their corresponding OpenGL C code

Here is a view showing Monalisa drawn with lines only…

OpenGL Geoemtric Primitives

Click here to download a video showing how the program can be used.

Ali B


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